Last night stateside

Well, the three of us – Bob, Mike, & Thom –  took advantage of the opportunity to fully enjoy our last night Stateside.   Pictures will attest.  We enjoyed the superb cuisine and even better hospitality of a restaurant in Brooklyn, called Sweetwater at 105 N 6th St (Between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue) in Brooklyn.  Run by Pablo, this place is a true delight .  I had the ribeye, accompanied by a mound of argula.  Day-um that was good!  We all had GREAT meals so I say I go there if you can !!  Brooklyn is Bob’s home and several folks stopped by to participate in our farewell.  Both Mark and Susie added to the local flavor and the immediacy of the evening.

Continuing our farewell, we moved on to a local Brooklyn ‘ hood establishment and enojoyed some darts, libations and camaraderie.

I’ve rarely felt so certain  – we are the right team for the job at hand.  And we are more than ready to get to it


Tomorrow we leave our home.  But we are determined to complete our mission and damn proud to work on something so meaningful

~ by robotthom on July 13, 2010.

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