First day in Arusha

Aruska Hotel room prior to unpacking

This is the best this room will ever look!!

Slept until 12:30 local time – man that felt good.  So did the shower.

My first time sleeping under a mosquito net!!  Internet here at the hotel is spotty at best, slow on a good day.  Got out and about town today on foot.  Many people trying to sell things.

We had lunch with some folks from work and talked through the logistics of getting equipment from airport to work, and then from loading dock to the room it will live in.  Learning all about African time, which is less than urgent.

Folks at hotel are very nice and accommodating.  But it is a daunting thought knowing we’ll be here for 6 weeks.  I thought it only prudent to take a picture of the room – before I set off the clothes cannon!!!

~ by robotthom on July 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “First day in Arusha”

  1. Hi Thom! Hmmmm – African time sounds like Mexican time – there is always manana?


  2. SOOOO pleased you had a smooth trip and all is going well-We enjoy following your blog and look forward to your daily adventures.Stay Well,Love, Joyce and The Alchemist

  3. “African time sounds like Mexican time” Only without the margaritas and food!!

  4. Elke, you’ll appreciate this. As we were trying to get a commitment from the building manager at our install site, that everything would be ready by this Friday – the very best we could get is, “It is highly possible” !! I had to appreciate that level of hedging!!

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