Over the desert and bloody well far away…

Libyan Sahara

Over Sudan

Getting ready to land at Kilimanjaro In'tl Airport

So now I’m here, when we got to JRO, it took about an hour to get visas and go through customs and get our bags… we were met at the airport by a taxi sent from the hotel. Arrived at The Arusha Hotel at about 10:30pm local time… Bags to the rooms, people to the “Hatari Bar” named after the John Wayne movie which was shot here. The food at the bar was notsogreat, but the Gin and beers (Kilimanjaro Beer,) were fine… Fell asleep around 1am local time… really great night’s sleep and woke up this morning fairly awake and well on the way to being acclimatized to Tanzania time… thanks to the Zarum Protocol (tm.) Going to get out and about… need to find a bank, some grub and take a look around in daylight. Peace.

~ by robotbob on July 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Over the desert and bloody well far away…”

  1. Ok. what is the zarum protocol, some secret that you cannot share with us commoners? I am surprised that you guys are feeling so chipper after such a long trip.
    keep sending us great stuff, don’t eat anything moving.

  2. The “Zarum Protocol” named after my dear friend (and superb MD,) refers specifically to managing jet lag when flying (especially east.) Essentially, as soon as one boards the aircraft, one takes 1 x Ambien & 1 x TylenolPM. It is essential to take both, and before the aircraft takes off. Then don earplugs and eye mask if possible, and make best effort to fall asleep. The Ambien will start you off, but it really only starts the sleep, and stays active, putting you to sleep for about an hour. That’s why you are not supposed to “stay awake” after taking Ambien, it can mess with you…

    After the Ambien knocks you out quickly, the TylenolPM keeps you out for the rest of the flight…

    So when flying to Europe, as we did (NY – Amsterdam, departing at 6:30pm,) when we landed at 8:30am, AMS, we were waking as if after a good night’s sleep. Then we pretty much stayed awake on the flight from AMS-JRO, landing at 9:30pm, got to hotel by 11pm, had a beer or two and went to bed… The next few days jetlag was quite mild given the head start on the new timezone…


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