This is how we get there…

Mike wonders if it's our stuff...

So we made it to Amsterdam no problem at all and had a 4 hr layover waiting for our flight to Arusha to leave… a good time to grab a snack, buy another voltage converter (just in case,) and look out the window at how cargo gets loaded onto aircraft in the rain… gotta wonder…

The Alps

We took off from AMS and started the long flight to Tanzania which would traverse Europe from north to south, eventually crossing the Alps, and then flying down the entire Western coast of Italy, and then directly across the Med…

Crossing into Libya

Looking at the in-flight map and watching the small graphic of our airliner cross over the Sahara… We crossed into Libyan airspace near Benghazi, and the desert below had taken on an almost uniform, monochromatic, dusty tan…  As we crossed the coastline, the terrain had considerable variation, and then as we flew south, it looked more and more as if there’s more sand in the air below us. As we pass from Libya into the Sudan the tan slowly got redder… like sand changing to clay. We actually flew pretty close to Khartoum on the way south… I was wondering how close I got to where my friend Matt K was as he is working his way back towards an airport to fly himself back to NYC after working in Sudan on his Darfur documentary. I think he’s in Uganda…

~ by robotbob on July 15, 2010.

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