Tanzanian 3 Key Monte

Tanzanian shilling

My new calculator (phone too)

Bought 2 cell phones today and got taken by a fast clerk with a calculator.  Exchange rate is about 1485 or so TZ shillings to the dollar.  After we struck our deal for the 2 phones plus minutes card for a total of 90,000 shillings, the guy showed me he was punching in a rate of 1480 per dollar (I was paying in USD), it came up to $68, so that’s what I paid.  Receipt was in shillings.  So after getting back to room and doing my expenses I had to redo the calculation to expense it.  Turns out $68 for 90,000 shillings is actually more like 1324 per dollar.  Fortunately, my new phone has a calculator.  I’ll be using it.

~ by robotthom on July 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tanzanian 3 Key Monte”

  1. Hi Thom, I am enjoying your blog and have put it as a bookmark for easy access. Ewww don’t like that slug. Glad to hear you are settled in, the room looks nice. Sounds like you are getting acclimated, however I must say I am shocked by the miscalculation for the phones. Must have been heavy duty jet lag, not an error Thom Rogers would likely make even if it did involve shillings ! keep the info coming and wear those mosquito nets at night. Your favorite sister

  2. Well, I don’t know if I’m more embarrassed or relieved at this point to realize I did not get hosed yesterday. Turns out that the 90,000 receipt was for the phones only. The phone minutes card was its own receipt so it was 100,000 shillings that I paid $68 in cash for. That works out to 1470 TZS per dollar which is about right.

    As I said I don’t know whether to be embarrassed to have not realized my mistake before blogging it, or relieved to know I still got game!!

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