Chophouse Blues Band – Live @ Njiro Complex, Arusha, Tanzania – 2010/07/30

Chophouse Blues Band - Live @ Njiro Complex, Arusha, TZ, 2010-07-30

Chophouse Blues Band – Help Me (Sonny Boy Williamson) by net23

An amazing Friday night was had by all at “Stiggy’s Wine Bar” in the Njiro Complex, Arusha, Tanzania… The Chophouse Blues Band played it’s first gig ever… after only one rehearsal. Damn, they ROCKED THE HOUSE. There’s a deep connection between Blues and Africa, and for sure, there was an exquisite taste of that magic happening right in front of us. From the waitresses dancing between the tables outside of the bar, to the appreciative crowd clapping, tapping, dancing and singing along with the band it was joyous and entertaining as all getout. Just listen to that Sonny Boy Williamson track above… Whoo.

So y’all should know that there’s another really great sounding 14 tracks that I recorded last night… difficult to get uploaded to Soundcloud… but maybe I’ll sprinkle them around the blog posts as we go. One thing that I gotta figure out is how to get 100 CDs made up here so that the next time these guys get a chance to play out we’ll have something on the merch table… heh.

Thom's Ripping It Up...

Thom Rogers & Bob Echols Get Down...

And another thing…

LAST NIGHT WAS THOM’S FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY… and somewhere in all that recording and great music is as fine a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” played by band, and sung out loud by audience that I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Cheers Thom.

Birthday Boy Rocks The Kalimba

~ by robotbob on July 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Chophouse Blues Band – Live @ Njiro Complex, Arusha, Tanzania – 2010/07/30”

  1. Wow. Listened to “Help Me” Very Cool. You guys actually don’t suck. Wish I was there.

    Happy Birthday Chop.

  2. Happy happy birthday to you!!! I celebrated enough last night for at least a year. WE had Big Bill Morganfield and it was fun.

    How can we help you with this CD project?

    I am thrilled with your picture of you with the kalimba!

    Hugs to you!!

  3. AWWWWWsome! So glad you had a fabulous birthday, dear heart! Great pictures!

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