What “good” pizza is like in Tanzania…

Pizza @ Masai Cafe, Arusha, Tanzania

Finding a variety of good/interesting food over here has been a project… there’s a few decent places that cater to the tourists passing between airport and safari… but not much that you’d want to write home about. We have been eating a lot of really good Indian food, there’s a large Indian community here and their food’s been quite good. Indian, Ethiopian & the one Thai restaurant have been the staples… the one surprise, at least to me, has been the pizza. There’s a number of places to get pizza over here… Masai Cafe is the best I think. They make these in a Tandoori, and the’re not quite Grimaldi’s or Tony’s… but they have been pretty yummy. The example above was called the Masai Pizza and has some spicy meat and peppers. I also found a soft drink that I’m liking called Tangawize, pronounced TANGO-WEE-ZEE, which is like a Ginger Beer… sweet… spicy. It would be good with Rum… Hmm. Now that’s an idea whose time has come…

~ by robotbob on August 3, 2010.

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