The Lively Lady…

The Lively Lady

Finally found a bar that I like here in Arusha… one that, as I told the owner, made me feel right at home. The Lively Lady’s a tiny, funky dive bar across the street from the railway station in Arusha, a few blocks from the main commercial drag between downtown and the Shoprite(white) Shopping Center… Supposedly in a “bad” part of town… notsomuch… This place actually feels like someone made the place to please themselves… and the customers who like the way it is should go there. It’s not just another food vendor at the Port Authority, which is what almost all of the restaurants and businesses around here feel like.

Peel & Eat This...

In addition to the nice vibe of the place, they actually had the most complete bar I’ve seen over here… so complete that I was able to order a snifter of Afrikoko liqueur… the namesake of this blog and the sweetly tasty, chocolate/coconut sensation that was at one time the Tanzanian Liqueur known around the world in the 60’s. It was yummy and confirms that I will be bringing back a few bottles for Bananas Foster-esque experimentation. The food was really great too… just look at those BBQ’d shrimpies… we had some samosas, pepper chicken, chips and calamari… all were really tasty. Yum.

The owners invited me to spin some tunes tomorrow night, and I’m there with bells on… post the playlist tomorrow night… it will rawk.

~ by robotbob on August 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Lively Lady…”

  1. So between eating, drinking and music, sounds like you are enjoying yourself!
    We will celebrate birthdays wehn you return

  2. So can you play some Fela without gettin in trouble?

    • I have a lot of that with me… that and Jazz records from Zanzibar circa 1965… I was thinking old Afropop… new African Blues, Cab Calloway and nomeansno… heh. It seems to be a pretty expat crowd there so… we’ll see. I will post the playlist tomorrow… Cheers.

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