Looking suspicious...

For as long as we’ve been in Tanzania we have been getting a little freaked out by the guys hanging out, looking “tough” and carrying AKs… for weeks there’s been this image all around us… some bored teenager sitting or standing, casually holding an assault rifle. They are mostly private security…. some are Army… all of them look pretty much like this. We’ve been told that if they are private security they probably don’t actually have ammunition for the antiques they are holding. Nevertheless, it’s not something we’re all that used to seeing. One time I went out of my way to have a conversation with the couple of soldiers that are stationed in front of the big bank across the street from our hotel… it ended up being all about Obama… they were big fans. This guy was alternating between seeming to snooze, and throwing suspicious looks at the folks standing in line to use the ATM. Thom, Mike and I had, on a number of occasions, talked with each other about taking pictures of kids with guns… and pretty much concluded that they didn’t react positively to our photo op requests for security reasons… or, more likely, who the hell knows what, or where, or who these guys were… before they got jobs sitting in front of expensive things with machine guns?  Anyway… before I left, I had to take a picture… thanks iPhone + automatic HDR Photography App…

~ by robotbob on August 23, 2010.

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