The Sweet Sounds Of Stonetown, Zanzibar – Buying Incense

Stonetown, Zanzibar - Market Scene

One of the neat-o things that I managed to do while in Stonetown, Zanzibar was to spend an afternoon walking around the old city… shopping, taking pictures, and, recording the ambient audio of what I was experiencing for about an hour or so using a Tascam DR-8 digital audio recorder with some binaural microphones in my left front shirt pocket. I was on the hunt for some nice incense for my home in NY… I found the sweetness in the herbalist shop, had a little crazy interaction with a nutcase that was loitering inside the herbalist shop harassing customers to the dismay of the proprietor, and, as I posted the other day… playing a little “Gimme five… up high… down low… too slow…” with some really cute little kids. Here’s that 10 minutes of sound recorded during that period of the day. I suggest headphones & eyes closed to get close to “feeling” like you are there… Enjoy.

Stonetown, Zanzibar – Buying Incense by net23

~ by robotbob on August 23, 2010.

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