The Big Bird Back Home…

KLM 0571 - Kilimanjaro -> Dar E Salaam -> Amsterdam -> NY

Walked out to the big bird at 9pm on Tuesday night @ JRO (Kilimanjaro Int’l Airport) took off and… eventually got off at JFK around 2pm EDT in NY… home by 3pm. Lagged out, but home… and home’s still there just as nice as ever.

Culture shock moments… filling a glass with delicious tap water on top of a bunch of ice cubes and drinking it all (sweet,) largest “crisis”… turning on the TV and finding out that because my cable box has been unplugged for a couple of months, I had to call them to re-enable it… the weather in NY is wet… but I need not fear malarial mosquitos… nobody trying to sell me newspapers right outside my door.

First meal: Greek Sardines, French Lentil Salad, Salmon Bruchetta + an ALE @ Sweetwaters… Not a Lager! No more lager for a while. Heh.

Now that I have some bandwidth, when I get a chance I’ll be putting up some more pictures, sound and video… cool stuff.

Peace to all, it was an amazing trip… made many excellent friends, loved the place & looking forward to returning.

Cheers, robotbob

~ by robotbob on August 26, 2010.

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