…breakfast in Arusha.

Double Latte & Warm Chocolate Muffin @ Africafe, Arusha TZ

Every morning in Arusha I leave the Arusha Hotel and walk across the “Clock Tower Circle” and up the street to Africafe… it’s on the way to the ICTR where I’m working… and, basically the best thing it has going for it is the coffee… they have a menu… they have some food on it… the food is safe to eat, and it’s ok, but nothing to write about… now that double latte and chocolate muffin I’m having for breakfast over there… that’s worth saying something about. The coffee is the best I’ve had in Arusha, really quite good… and the muffin? Well, they have chocolate, lemon poppy… a couple of other good, fresh muffins, but the thing that gets me is that every time I order one, the waiter asks “Would you like the muffin warmed?” Well heck yes I would asante sana (Thank you very much.) And warmed it arrives… probably a few seconds in the microwave… but it makes all the difference. Yum nom nom.

~ by robotbob on July 1, 2011.

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