Back in Arusha… w00t.

So… It’s nice to be back in Arusha, Tanzania… finally I get to see something I worked on get to the point where it’s finished. Last Summer we came here to install a system to migrate the UN-ICTR’s archive of all of the videotapes recorded during the Rwanda Genocide Tribunal… and now, a year later we are about to hand a completely digital secure archive over to them, and bring our migration system home… it’s amazing. I figured that by the end of this trip, I will have spent 5 months in the last 365 days over here working on this project… and a lot of time supporting it remotely.

Mt. Meru, 7am, 2011-09-13 - Looking out of my my hotel window.

It’s nice to be back and start to see some of the many friends I’ve made over here… already ran into Pally, Bob, Minnie, Moe and a few others… good times seeing these folks. Tonight someone asked me what I’ve learned about Tanzania in all the time I’ve spent over here… and the only answer I could give was that I’d learned about all of the totally kickass people I get a chance to hang out with when I’m here.

Got a great room @ The Mt. Meru Hotel… sheesh, just look at that view. I guess that this is the first time that I’ve been over here as Winter ends for them and Spring leads to a warmer climate and clearer skies… I’ve never had such a good view of Meru.

ICTR Migration System - 2011-09-13

Just so’s you know what we’re talking about over here… this is a picture of the system that we have been working with… the red and blue things are the robots that move the videotapes around and into VTRs that play them into those red-striped servers that are gathering the metadata about the video and digitizing it. In the middle 2 racks are the systems that take those digital files and archive them onto spinning disk and LTO-4 data tape. It’s amazing that we got that stuff over here and set up running as well as it has for the whole year… 70,000 hours of testimony digitized. Badass.

Sitting by the Mt. Meru Hotel pool with a cold Tusker Lager after a day's work.

Then… there’s sitting by the pool, sipping on a cold one… S’nice.


~ by robotbob on September 14, 2011.

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